So you’d like to make an appointment — you’ve arrived at the right place!

New Clients

Here’s how it works: All new clients need to make a free 30-minute phone appointment, where we do a basic screening and decide if Gifted Matters is a good fit foryour needs.To schedule the introductory phone consultation, simply use the calendar to the right in the sidebar.


After that phone appointment, usually within the same week, you will be emailed notification of which therapist to schedule with. You will need to come back to this page and click on the appropriate therapist. You will be taken to their personal schedule, asked to set up an account, and you can also complete the usual new client paperwork.

If the main client is a child, we ask that you use their name and date of birth on the client account (it makes things easier when you submit forms to insurance). You may use your own username and email address, however. If the main client is a child, we usually have a three-session arc before we decide how to proceed in treatment. The first session is for adults only, where we can gather more information and you can speak freely about your child with the team member(s) you are working with. The second appointment is for the child to meet the therapist. Between appointments two and three, any paperwork that exists (reports, evaluations, IEPs etc.) will be reviewed by the team, and then the third appointment is again for just adults, to establish how we will proceed.

If the main client is an adult, one initial appointment is sufficient.


Existing or Past Clients

If you are an ongoing or past client with Gifted Matters, and you have not used this scheduler, you will need to make an account on the client portal. Just click on the appropriate name below and follow the directions. If you are an ongoing client, just click on your therapist’s name and sign in. You also sign into the portal to access statements, print forms for submission to insurance, and change existing appointments. New Clients: Please do not schedule on a therapist’s calendar until you have been matched with a staff member.

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