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Some families who come to us for help are happy and are doing well, but have hit a snag or two and foresee the greater challenges on the horizon as they raise their “different kind of thinker.” They want guidance in understanding and supporting their gifted/2e child, and they may also decide to engage in therapy to strengthen and prepare their family for the years to come. Other families come to us in great distress, feeling like every day is a battle. The constant stress and frustration is too much to take, and they are desperate for a positive change.
In either case, I can offer a therapy that is gentle and fun, and yet also effective in strengthening parent-child relationships, helping parents to understand and empathize with their children, building confidence and social skills in kids, improving sibling relationships, reducing stress, alleviating some anxiety and depression, and decreasing behavioral problems. Whether you feel that you are at the end of your rope, or that things are actually okay for now but you want to prevent difficulties down the road, I can help you to get going in the right direction.
My background is in child development, social work, and child and family mental health. As a parent myself, over the years I have experienced both the great pleasures and deep frustrations of parenting gifted/2e kids. I know first-hand the stress and utter fatigue that can come with the territory. And I also know first hand how fabulous our quirky kids are.  I can’t promise perfection and bliss, but I do believe that working together we can find ways to bring out the best in your child… and in you.
Therese M. Zabarsky, ACSW

When assisting families with preschool and/or grade-school age children, I most frequently use Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) and Filial Therapy. To learn more about Play Therapy, click here: http://www.a4pt.org/?page=PTMakesADifference