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Welcome to the Gifted Matters Blog!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023


….takes a deep breath…

Ok then — welcome to the Gifted Matters Blog! This is a project I’ve been wanting to make happen for years, and I guess now is the time. I’m a homeschooling parent of a twice-exceptional teenage boy, and also a psychotherapist specializing in gifted and 2e issues (in case you hadn’t seen my website…). My intent with this blog is to share resources, musings and ideas I come up with. I’m especially interested in supporting parents who are raising QuASIE (Quirky, Anxious, Sensitive, Intense, Excitable) children. I think we can find ourselves exhausted and isolated and frustrated and worried a lot of the time…which is not fun…so I aim to improve the situation, and this blog is (hopefully) another way to do that.

You can expect a variety of things here: ideas from some of my talks, reviews of books I’m reading, tips and techniques that have been useful to me and my clients, and probably the occasional rant about education policy. I’ve been teaching and writing and presenting on this stuff for a number of years, so I’ve had a lot of ideas brewing that I want to put down in one place, and hopefully engage in some meaningful discussion as well. I invite you clever fabulous people to join in the fun!


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